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Face masks are in short supply. At RiverWoods (RW), masks are being made by hand.

Why? Acquiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is difficult, and protective masks are in critical need.

Where are they needed? At each RW community, for staff and residents. Residents at RiverWoods Exeter (RWE), BirchHill (BH), and RiverWoods Durham (RWD) are making them for their respective communities. If we end up with an abundance, we will share them outside of the RW community, but only after we are certain we have enough for our needs.

Who will use them? Residents who are asked to self-isolate and non-Health Care staff who are unable to maintain 6’ distance from others due to their role.

How many are needed? Our goal is to have enough for every resident and every staff member onsite.

Will they be washed or are they to be used only once and discarded? A member of the Wellness Clinic staff will give the receiver care instructions.

How can I get involved? 

We are making adult size masks only, as they are for use within the RW community. Printable instructions and videos for how to make them are provided below, and RW can provide fabric or fabric recommendations (tightly woven cotton or flannel are best).

For any questions, please reach out to the contacts below.

5 White Oak Drive, Exeter,
New Hampshire 03833