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The graduating class of 2020 won’t see a typical final semester. Many are leaving school without so much as a goodbye or all the fun they saw past graduating seniors experience. Teens are suffering from missing out on connecting with their peers and getting together with family and friends.

One way to show support for seniors, popular on social media such as Facebook, is to share your own senior photos. Another is to create a video, capturing senior stories and congratulating the graduating class. Some areas have started an “adopt a high school senior” campaign, inviting people to send a card or a gift, to let grads know they are appreciated during this challenging time.

Birch Hill, the RiverWoods community in Manchester, created a video called “Seniors Supporting Seniors,” sharing their thoughts and advice.

If you have a message for a senior, here are some things to remember:

  • – Acknowledge their feelings, the sadness and disappointment they might feel about the loss of prom and celebrations.
  • – Encourage them to stay connected with friends and family, even virtually.
  • – Remind them to shift their focus to what they can control, perhaps to some event they can plan at the end of the crisis.
  • – Emphasize the greater good, knowing that their sacrifice is helping to contain the virus and that as a result, they will overcome this and be stronger.
  • – Include a motivational message and words of encouragement.
  • – Don’t forget to congratulate them for graduating!

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